Product: Auto Sampler

Auto Sampler


The special designed sampling chamber ensures taking sludge like sample or high viscosity sample with constant volume.

  • Easy to adapt and set up
  • Sterilizable sampling unit
  • No waste samples
  • User friendly TFT 3.8″ monochrome touch screen
  • The automatic pinch valve protects from contaminating the process.
  • The special but simple pumping mechanism gets rid of cell and solid content disruption.
  • Peltier element refrigerator keeps samples cold efficiently
  • Compact design saves your experiment space.


SYSTEM STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS Collect cool is consist of these parts

1. Sampling chamber: Measure sampling volume
2. Sample detective sensor: Detect sample to control tubing pump
3. Tubing pump: Suck and transfer sample
4. Sampling nozzle: Put into a test tube and transfer sample protecting sample spilled out.
5. Sampling tubes: Maximum 8 samples can be taken
6. TFT 3.8″ monochrome touch screen



  •  Number of samples: Max.8
  • Time setting: Elapse time
  •  Minimum setting time: minute
  •  Minimum setting interval: 5 min
  •  Sample volume: 10 ml
  •  Refrigerating temperature: 4-10°C. 1
  •  Size: 270Wx294Dx650H
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